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Industry News

Custom Keychain Market

  • ArtiGifts at
  • Aug 28 2018

Custom Keychain Market

With the progress and development of the society, I think the keychain is a very popular product, so the keychain of different patterns are sold well, so I want to introduce the patterns and types of keychain buckles.

ONE:Custom keychain pattern

metal keychain

Artigifts company makes keychain for various patterns for customers, so we can customize other decorative metal patterns for our customers, like medals and coins and pins. This is a keychain that we have visited more and more. It looks very cute, like a kangaroo animal, and its role. In addition to decoration, it is also a bottle opening, of course, some people will choose other decorative keychain, they will choose the keychain of other functions or the key to the customer's own design.

Two: methods of use

metal personalised keychains

Just like a common metal product, this is a keychain Wherever you have the keychain, it can be called when you need to open a bottle, but some people like to put it on the refrigerator. It can feel it in the instant you take the wine and unlock the hungry throat for you.

Three: keychain type

3d led crystal keychain

(3d led crystal keychain)

acrylic keychain

(acrylic keychain)

coin holder keychain

(coin holder keychain)

couple keychain

(couple keychain)

leather keychain

(leather keychain)

metal keychain

(metal keychain)

pvc keychain

(pvc keychain)

Trolley Coin Keychain

(trolley coin keychains)

wood keychain

(wood keychain)

You can see the individual keychain of our company on the keychain. In Artigifts company, there are many types of keychains, such as the leather keychain, the PVC keychain and the metal keychain. If you do not like the keychain, the keychain is not closed, artigifts company also produces coins and pins. And medals and other products, there must be one you like, if you are interested, you can visit our official website to look more information.

Thank you for watching!!

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