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Company News

What kind of gift can make a person impressive?

  • Jimmy at
  • Mar 28 2023

  Whenever faced with opening ceremonies, birthday parties, classmate gatherings, company group building, new customer gifts, product promotions, and other activities, you need to choose a gift to express your heart. What kind of gift can make a person impressive and meaningful?


  We recommend customized creative key chains that are stylish and personalized, allowing you to stand out! A variety of key chains, whether retro, cute, or cool... not only have higher and higher appearance, but also have stronger and stronger personalization and ever-changing shapes, which can express different thoughts and reflect different personalities of different characters. Today, Artigifts, a personalised keyrings customization manufacturer, will share with you several popular key chain gifts.


1. Company logo key chain


  Whether it's brand promotion, new product promotion, anniversary celebrations, annual meetings, etc., the exquisite and compact corporate promotional custom keychains is both a gift and promotional item, which is extremely easy to attract people's attention and is a good soft advertising carrier.

Advertising keychain


2.Tourist Souvenir Key Chain


  For tourist attractions, museums, exhibition halls, etc., metal personalized keychains with customized logos are often chosen as small gifts and souvenirs.

Tourist Souvenir Key Chain

Tourist Souvenir Keychain


3.School/company/group commemorative key chain


  School sports meetings, school anniversaries, classmate gatherings, anniversary celebrations, event commemorations, and so on, often have the appearance of photo keychain & photo keyrings to freeze those lush years and keep the friendship in mind.

School company group commemorative key chain

School company group commemorative keychain


4.Car key holder keychain


  Car Leather key holder key chain is used to hang car keys. The car leather keyring is exquisite and compact, with ever-changing shapes, The main material is composed of metal pin and leather leather keychain, which can reflect the texture of the key chain and the lifestyle of the car owner. Car keychain are perfect gifts for men.

Car Leather key holder key chain

Car Leather key holder keychain


5.Cartoon key chains & cute keychains


Cartoon keychain's materials are made of soft pvc or rubber, which is environmentally friendly and non-toxic, and is very suitable for children and women. keychains for women, keychains for kids, How can such key chains not be loved?

Cartoon key chains

cute keychains


6.Picture keychain / anime keychains/ acrylic keychain


  acrylic picture keychains, anime keychains, game key chains, as customized products around animation, anime, and game IP, not only attract fans' attention, but also often succeed in making a hit due to their unique design.

Anime Keychains

Acrylic Keychain


7.Bottle opener keychain / key chain bottle opener


 The bottle opener key chain combines the functions of the key ring and bottle opener into one. It is both practical and decorative, and has a variety of shapes, highlighting your personality and embellishing your life.

Bottle Opener Keychain

Key Chain Bottle Opener

Keychain Bottle Opener


8.Key tag keyring / carabiner keychain


  Key tag keyring in a woven or embroidered solution with fixed edge and brass ring;key tag can be made of embroidered label or lanyard keychain, and can be jacquard or printed with patterns and logos. keychain with carabiner hook.

Carabiner Keychain

Kay Tag

Lanyard Keychain


Custom Keychain has a variety of shapes and styles. While meeting practical needs, it has become increasingly attractive and personalized in design, and has become a common small gift for festivals, events, and businesses. Zhongshan Artigifts has over 20 years of customized production experience in metal keychains, acrylic keychains,PVC keychain, leather key chains, embroidery key chains, and other keychains gifts, with strong production and comprehensive strength. Friends are welcome to come and customize your cool keychains.


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