Is this the wonderful ending of the bottle opener keychain

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  • Jimmy at
  • August 24, 2017

Is this the wonderful ending of the bottle opener keychain?

AG_bottle opener keychain001

One of client Fares required a quotation with bottle opener keychain, and we quoted within one hour.

AG_bottle opener keychain002

Fares have some questions about the bottle opener keychain's quotation.

AG_bottle opener keychain003

AG_bottle opener keychain004

And we replied, Fares said will contact us soon, so we were waiting.

AG_bottle opener keychain005

And we got good news about bottle opener keychain very soon.

 AG_bottle opener keychain006

We sent PI with bank details, and client paid.

 AG_bottle opener keychain007

AG_bottle opener keychain008

And we arranged artwork and sent to client, we arranged production once client confirmed artwork.

AG_bottle opener keychain009

AG_bottle opener keychain0010

AG_bottle opener keychain0011

And then, finished

AG_bottle opener keychain0012

AG_bottle opener keychain0013

Fares is a good client and hope to work with him again soon.